LS 589- Zinio for Libraries


Zinio is a digital news stand that libraries can subscribe to which gives access to hundreds of magazines for their users. The first way that this can be challenging for patrons is that you create a login email and password that is separate from your library account. This can become confusing for some individuals, and we all get tired of remembering different usernames and passwords. However, you can opt to have it remember you every time you login.

The app also works in conjunction with a web browser. This means that in the app itself, you are really only able to view magazines that you’ve already borrowed/ downloaded. Otherwise, the app will take you directly to a website that is only moderately mobile-friendly to borrow materials.

Once a title is borrowed, you can access it at any time (with no worries about returns) and flip through the pages much like an ebook. Users can locate the table of contents by pressing an icon on the screen and directly find articles that way. Additionally, users can bookmark pages for quick reference later.

While I think that the service of providing digital magazines to patrons is valuable, I find that the app itself could use some work.  In my mind, any app that bounces you to an internet browser for basic, seemingly integral content isn’t fully developed.


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