LS589- 3M Cloud App


The 3M Cloud Library is a platform that allows libraries with subscribed users to access ebooks and audiobooks using an app that is available for Android and iOS devices, Kindle Fire tablets, Nook tablets and ereaders, and more. The app features browsing and searching for users to find books to borrow.

As a member of the BCCLS library system, I have access to a large amount of titles that BCCLS purchases for all patrons to borrow. We only have access to ebooks with this resource, but there are a significant amount of titles available for adults, teens, and children. There are a finite amount of copies of each book which can only be borrowed by one person at a time, but it is easy to put a book on hold.

Overall, the app is reasonably easy to use. As users browse, they see the covers of books, which when clicked upon, will yield a description of the book. This includes title, author, publisher, ISBN, and a description of the book. Books can be borrowed and read directly through the app and you don’t have to remember to return it. Overall, it’s a functioning and useful app, but not my favorite of the lending apps.


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