LS 589- Ancestry Library Edition

Ancestry Library Edition is a digital database that can be provided by ProQuest. With all of the commercials and advertising that has been putting out, many people are aware of the website and the basics of what the service provides. However, not many people realize that their library can/does provide access to this service for free.

Ancestry is a genealogical collection that provides access to census, church, court, vital records, directories, photos and more among a wide variety of countries. The primary limitations of the service are that it is only accessible within the library (via the library’s IP address) and that users have to keep their own records of what they find because they will not have their own account to save their searches. To combat the second limitation, there are a variety of charts and forms available for free to assist users in keeping track of their progress.

I think that this database is really valuable because genealogy is particularly popular right now and Ancestry is a well-known, well-advertised platform. Because users have to come into the library to use it, it opens the door for discussion with [reference] librarians who can help seek out further resources while also providing help with this one.

If you are looking for more information, ProQuest provides a LibGuide.


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