Quick Video Creation Tools: PowToon and Raw Shorts

powtoonheaderlogo1935cabPowToon and Raw Shorts are two different web applications that can be used to create short  videos to communicate information. Both of these are available through Google Drive. My library system uses Gmail, so I like that a lot of the tools that I use are available directly through that account.

My favorite part of these video creation tools is that you can use them for a variety of purposes: to express an animated infographic (or “explainer video”), to advertise an event or program, or to create an easy tutorial. The videos can easily be uploaded to YouTube (for both) or Vimeo (with PowToon) or shared in other ways.

Between the two, I find that PowToon is easier to use in that the interface is more user friendly. You can search through the objects and images when you want to add something- this is not available in Raw Shorts. PowToon allows you to search for free images to use (and edit them in a variety of ways including adding filters, stickers, and text) but in Raw Shorts, you can only upload your own. Even the text and music options are much more robust in PowToon. Raw Shorts has it’s own merits and might be better for businesses, but PowToon is my preferred video creation tool due to the capabilities and options available.


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