Enliven- Augmented Colorblindness correction

While looking at some of the potentially great augmented and virtual reality applications there are, I realized that there are not only plenty that we can use in our environment to engage patrons, but tons more that patrons can use to help themselves. As information professionals, I constantly feel that it is important to be able to recommend services to patrons and library users whenever possible. That being said, I focused on augmented reality apps that can be used to help overcome challenges.

Enliven (searchable in the app store as “Colorblind Augmented Reality”) is an application that can be downloaded on a cell phone that allows the screen to overlay a color correction palette using the camera function. The first thing I noticed was that the advertisements were annoying. That’s the price we pay for free apps though.  I should also disclose that I am reviewing this as a person who is not colorblind. My assessment is purely based on ease of use and not accuracy (sorry!)

It is helpful that the app allows for six different settings based on blindness or weakness and color specifics. You can be red blind, red weak, blue blind, blue weak, green blind, or green weak and based on your particular needs, the screen of the phone will change. There is a bar along the bottom that allows you to change severity of the screen augmentation. It’s a pretty simplistic app to use and I’d like to hear feedback from someone who particularly meets the needs that the app is built for. In the Google Play Store, it only has 3.5 stars, so I will assume that it can use some work.


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